Learn Why A Website Doesn't Equal Success and What To do Instead

Ecourse for new and fledgling businesses that are considering creating/ buying a website

5 modules that will help you understand websites,
the online world and why websites are not magic bullets.

Created by Lorna Crystal – owner of SwellPixel, website & hosting company

Learn why you don't need a website - from someone who earns a living building them!

Find out the pros and cons of websites

Learn the drawbacks of free DIY websites

Find out how to get your business noticed for free

Learn when is right time to get a website

What You Get

My expertise from over 10 years of not only building websites but also working closely with new, fledgling and growing businesses.
Knowledge that will help your business succeed without wasting your precious time or money on a website you don’t need (yet).
I will explain various free marketing techniques that can get you up and running (with paying customers) in a much shorted time frame than a website.
I will teach you how to know when your business is ready for a website. 


The information in this course could save you thousands. 

Course Content

The course consists of five modules. You will have instant access to all 5 modules allowing you to access the information at your own pace. 

The five modules are: 


  • Why you should listen to me
  • About the course

Reasons Not To Get A Website

  • Lack of audience
  • Lack of funds
  • Lack of time 
  • Lack of clarity 


Pros and Cons of Websites 

  • Benefits of having a website
  • Drawbacks of having a website 
  • Free DIY websites 

Free Marketing 

  • Social Media
  • Directories and maps
  • Email list
  • For Ecommerce
  • The drawbacks

When to Buy a Website

  • The right time to buy a website 
  • Summary 




Claire Norcliffe, Overland Campers

Wavehunters Ltd

Mesmear Farm and Holiday Cottages

Why this ecourse is necessary

Most people understand very little about websites and the online world and many web developers seem to take advantage of this.

This advice is designed to keep you safe from those pesky website sharks!

In fact, the very reason I started Swell Pixel many years ago is because of the number of people who had terrible experiences (including myself) with web developers.

I wanted to create a company that provided honest, trustworthy advice – even if that was to tell people not to spend money with us!

By advising new and fledgling businesses how to become established rather than trying to make a quick sale it allowed those businesses to thrive…. and then, naturally, they came back to us when they were ready (really, genuinely ready) to take it to the next step.

I have been providing advice and digital consultancy to startups for over 10 years and in that time we’ve seen those companies flourish – even during a recession!

I’ve created this course because I’ve noticed there is a growing need for it. Many people, particularly women, are now looking at ways to create a new normal rather than be forced back to the old one. There are more and more people starting their own full time businesses, or side hustles, but they don’t fully understand how to make it work. 

There is a widespread misconception that websites are essential for all businesses and they need to be right up there on the important to do list when starting a business. 

This ecourse is designed to empower you so that you know what to focus on when starting a business and how to know when the time is right to get a website.

Remember – thousands and thousands of businesses don’t just survive without a website, they thrive! 


More details…


This course is to help you…

  • work out whether you really need a website 
  • learn why most new and small business don’t need a website
  • understand why a website might not be a good idea for your business (yet)
  • learn about the pros and cons of website
  • learn about the methods of growing your business, for free, without the need for a website
  • know when is the right for your business to get a website

This course will not…

  • teach you how to build your own website
  • explain in detail about all the different types of websites available 
  • give you super-specific advice about your exact niche or business 
  • tell you what your business or business plan should be

My Business Experience

I started working with websites as a content manager for my own hobby website before moving on to a paid role for a company building a website for a nationwide training organisation. Through this role I progressed to software testing and then optimising user experiences before going on to start my own business with my husband.

Learning about websites from the ground up, across a variety of different platforms, means I’m skilled at providing advice that works and ensuring that pitfalls are avoided.

Successful Business

I started Swell Pixel (web design, hosting and digital marketing) over 10 years ago and it’s still going strong.

Training Courses

I’ve led training sessions for nationwide organisations and provided consultation services to GTAs (Group Training Associations)


I’ve undertaken volunteer work with major conservation charities and I’m currently RNLI volunteer lifeboat press officer for my local station

Advice and Guidance

I’ve provided hundreds of new and growing businesses with advice, guidance and mentoring

What You Need To Know About Me


Everything I’ve done …

  • I’ve built a successful business from scratch that has been going strong for over 10 years (and also have a couple of passive income side hustles, one of which has been generating income since 2008 and in 2020 started Forge and Thrive which is already, ahem, thriving)
  • Prior to becoming my own boss I worked in senior admin and managerial positions. I know how to organise and I’m the queen on creating lists.
  • I’ve led training sessions for nationwide organisations and provided consultation services to GTAs (Group Training Associations)
  • I’ve provided hundreds of new and growing businesses with advice, guidance and mentoring
  • I’ve paid off thousands of pounds of debt
  • As a family we’ve forged a life for ourselves that we love filled with time for hobbies, cake and fun.
  • We’ve travelled, holidayed and relocated to our dream area.
  • We’ve created a smallholding and kitchen garden from scratch.
  • We’ve created a life filled with possibilities and opportunities for our son (without him becoming spoiled or arrogant)
  • I believe that everyone should have the opportunities and tools to improve their life and fulfil their goals

What I am not

  • I’m not magic. I can’t provide magic solutions to all your problems. I can only provide practical advice to change your life one step at a time. 
  • I’m not special. Well, at least I’m no more special than anyone else in the world. If I can create a life I love, so can you. 
  • I’m not hardworking. In fact the whole reason I work for myself, the very reason I set up my own business and multiple income streams is so I could work LESS. If you’re a workaholic I’m probably not the consultant for you. 
  • I’m not a millionaire (yet) but I lead the life I want to lead, doing the things I want to do and having fun.
  • I’m not materialistic. I don’t like fancy food, cars or handbags. I don’t like fancy holidays. My house is not clean. I like to be outside, preferably with the sea in view, in comfy clothes
  • I don’t wear make-up and my hair is usually scrapped up into what I like to think of as a messy bun… the teenager argues that it’s modelled on Miss Trunchbull
  • I’m not all-knowing – there may be questions you ask me that I can’t answer but you can be assured that I’ll do my research and get back to you as soon as I can. 
  • Despite my working life revolving around technology I don’t actually like gadgets or tech that much. I certainly don’t get excited by new phones, ipads or speakers. They are purely a tool that makes it possible for me to lead the life I want. Which is outside, in nature, by the sea. 

Very Importantly ….

I am not a doctor – I can sympathise with any health issues you have but I can’t offer advice on treatment or medication. Please see a doctor, consultant or other medical professional.
I am not a solicitor or lawyer – if you need advice about anything legal then you need to speak to a qualified professional.
I am not an accountant or financial adviser – if you need specific advice abut your finances, investments or tax returns you need to speak to a qualified person. 
I am not a debt councillor – There are charity and not-for-profit organisations you can speak to if you are struggling financially. If you are in financial hardship please seek help as there may be more options available to you than you are aware of.  
I am not a therapist or councillor – if you are struggling with your mental health, have marital or relationship problems, are suffering any form of abuse (including, but not limited to, substance abuse, alcohol abuse, physical or sexual abuse) please, please contact a trained specialist who will be able to help you. 

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