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12 Week Forge & Thrive Programme To Change Your Life

Want to know the secrets of how to forge a new path for yourself and create a life in which you thrive? 

Do you want weekly 1-1 support, guidance, motivation and accountability?

Get in touch to enquire about working with me 1-1 on the 12 week Forge & Thrive programme. 

12 weeks can make a dramatic difference to your life. Regardless of your starting point, in 12 weeks you can have not only created a clear vision for your future and set goals you will also be well on your way to achieving those goals and in many cases have achieved your first goals and moved on to new ones.

The Forge and Thrive programme will give you the structure and accountability you need to make the changes without causing overwhelm or stress. The systems you learn through the programme can be used time and time again. They are they same systems I have used for the last 10 years to first of all change my life and then achieve my goals.


What You’ll Get

Weekly mentoring

Weekly 1-1 mentoring via zoom video call. Set weekly and longer term goals, decide the next steps and iron out any bumps in the road.

Email prompts

You will receive daily email motivation and prompts reminding you of the work that needs to be done. 

Email Support

You can email me every day if needed and I will send a bespoke, detailed response (once per day). You can use this to ask for guidance, problem solving, feedback on ideas, celebration of successes or just a general catch up.  

Additional Progress Call

In addition to email support and the weekly zoom call I will call (or text if you prefer) you once a week to check on your progress, offer accountability and advice. 

Why Learn From Me 

  • I changed my life from flat broke to abundant in only a couple of years and semi-retired in less than 10 years.
  • As well as Forge and Thrive I also own a successful web and hosting company Swell Pixel and a successful affiliate website that is based around my hobbies of nature and the outdoors.
  • I’m not an overnight success who just struck it lucky – my systems work and have stood the test of time and been proven time and time again
  • I don’t live an extravagant, unrelatable lifestyle. I’m a 40 year old mum and wife who has created a life I love that is simple, joyful and grounded in financial stability
  • I’m not going to upsell you – each course or programme is a stand alone product
  • I’m straight talking and honest and integrity is massively important to me

12 Week Forge & Thrive Programme


PRICE :  £1497 / $2057 USD

Who This Programme Is For

The Forge & Thrive Programme Is For You If …. 

  • you want to make dramatic changes to your life and achieve your goals
  • you can afford this programme without causing any financial problems for yourself
  • you are committed to making the necessary changes and doing the work
  • you want personal support, motivation and accountability 
  • you understand that I will tell the truth (even if you don’t want to hear it)
  • you understand that I will not sugar coat my advice
  • you understand that I can’t give you advice about your specific financial situation
  • you take full responsibility for your own finances and decisions about your life

The Forge & Thrive Programme Is NOT For You If …. 

  • you have financial problems (please get advice from a financial councillor or debt charity) or purchasing the programme will cause you financial hardship 
  • you need personal, customised financial advice (see a reputable financial advisor)
  • you are searching for a magic solution that requires no effort from you
  • you expect me to be available 24/7 
  • you want me to save you/ do the work for you
  • you have unrealistic expectations (it’s pretty unlikely you’re going to go from broke to millionaire in a month!)

“I first met Lorna 10 years ago. I was taking the plunge of starting my own business & Lorna helped to design and develop my website. As well as helping with the technical front, she was a mentor to me, offering me sound business advice.

Years later, watching Lorna and her family redesign a life on their terms & move location, really inspired me and showed me what’s possible. Here I am and one year on since my family and I have done the same, with Lorna’s support. We now live in a location we love, have redesigned how we work, the kids are thriving and more importantly, we have the lifestyle change we were looking for.

It wasn’t always easy as even positive change feels scary, but Lorna helped me navigate the uncomfortable feelings. If you feel stuck and want to make a changes. I can highly recommend Forge and Thrive.”

Specialist cosmetic nurse and owner of Gemma Montgomery Skin

What I Am NOT…

I am not a financial advisor, debt councillor, solicitor/ lawyer, book keeper or accountant. It is illegal for me to give you any specific, personal financial advice. I just show you the exact methods that worked for me. It is up to you to decide what it right for you and your finances and your life. 

I am not magic or a miracle worker. I cannot make you a millionaire, tell you what business to start or do the work for you. You have to do the work yourself. I know it’s a bummer. I believe that you can do it. 

I am not available 24 hours a day – I will provide daily support and the boundaries will be clearly laid out before for you to agree to before you commit to the programme. 

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