In-Depth Website Review

How to get the most from your website 

Each website page (including blog posts and product pages) will be reviewed in detail. 

You will receive a full report on how you can improve your website design, text content and images to make it work better for you and your business. 

The report will be clear, jargon-free and provide practical, easy to follow, advice on what you should change, add or delete. It will include suggestions for specific wording and design amendments. 

Learn Why A Website Doesn’t Equal Success

and What To Do Instead

A short ecourse for new and fledgling businesses that are considering creating/ buying a website.

5 modules that will help you understand websites, the online world and why websites are not magic bullets
PLUS a downloadable e-book with all the information for you to save or print. 

SOLD OUT – All 1-1 Consultancy spaces are now fully booked

1:1 Consultancy – 12 Weeks

Want to change your life but need structured support and a proper plan? 

Know what you want to achieve but not got a clue how to make it happen? 

Do you know what you should be doing but need a kick up the arse to actually do it? 

If you answered yes to any of those questions then 1:1 consultancy is for you! 

This structured support will help you achieve your goals faster, remove overwhelm, reduce procrastination and provide a solid support network for you. 

Each week we will have a video call and I’ll also be available daily, by email, to provide support and encouragement, answer any questions you have, discuss and help find solutions to any problems you’re dealing with, provide accountability and celebrate your results.

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