Practical Money Manifesting


Want to learn how to increase your income without stress or overwhelm?

Join me on this four week journey of simple, practical steps that will transform your relationship with money and show you how to become abundant.

Week One : Decluttering Your Beliefs
Week Two : Creating Space
Week Three: Dropping the Drama
Week Four: The Importance of Time
+ Bonuses

Practical Money Manifesting is a 4 week e-course with videos, worksheets and pdf downloads.

What We Will Cover

  • learn the hard truth about your current money situation (+ how to accept it and how to change it!)
  • the essential mindset shifts you need to become abundant
  • fears around money and how money blocks are keeping you from becoming abundant (+ I’ll share mine with you)
  • how to break through your money blocks and overcome your fears
  • how to shift from seeing wealth as negative to embracing the positivity and possibilities that wealth creates
  • the money mistakes I’ve made – and what I did to fix them
  • how to decide on what financial goal to set
  • how to achieve your financial goals without stress or overwhelm
  • the exact framework to use to achieve your financial goals
  • how minimalism is one of the biggest factors that help create abundance
  • exactly how to use the principles of minimalism when dealing with your money (create financial abundance without feeling deprived and without needing will power)
  • how to create more income – the framework
  • suggestions and ideas for how to create more income
  • why multiple streams of income are important
  • how to create multiple streams of income


  • becoming financially responsible
  • a behind the scenes insight into my multiple streams of income and how these were created
  • the philanthropic causes I donate to
  • how to amplify your values and passions as you become more abundant

You will have access to the course for at least 12 months after purchase. If you purchase the course before the start date you will have access for at least 12 months from the course start date.