Abundance Through Minimalism


Want to learn how minimalism will change your life?

Join me on this four week journey of simple, practical steps that will transform your life.

In just four weeks you will simplify your life and let go of the stress and overwhelm that comes with over complications.

You will have more time and financial abundance and you’ll have a framework for in place to allow your abundance to continue growing.


Abundance Through Minimalism is a 4 week e-course with videos, worksheets and pdf downloads.

What We Will Cover

  • exactly how minimalism has created abundance in my life
  • the essential mindset shifts you need to embrace minimalism and become abundant
  • where your beliefs have come from and how they’ve shaped you
  • learn what your true values really are and how to step into living those values
  • how to declutter your old beliefs and set new ones
  • learn what happened when I stopped living a minimalist lifestyle
  • why decluttering your spaces (home/ office/ car/ garden etc) is important
  • learn exactly how to declutter your belongings without becoming overwhelmed or anxious
  • get a behind the scenes look at how and why I got rid of more than half of my possessions and see what the result was
  • how to deal with sentimental possessions
  • a behind the scenes look at how I dealt with an overwhelming amount of sentimental belongings
  • how to get household members to embrace a minimalist lifestyle
  • learn what possessions are essential for you (this will be different for everyone)
  • discover how to stop your energy being drained by others
  • learn how to set kind boundaries
  • discover how to restore personal calm during times of stress
  • learn how to deal with people who over step your boundaries
  • discover the hard truth about your time
  • learn how to make the most out of each day
  • techniques to stop procrastination
  • the framework you need to use to create balance in your life


  • scripts for success
  • how to set and achieve your goals
  • questions for truth (or how to stick to a minimalist lifestyle when things get tricky)

You will have access to the course for at least 12 months after purchase. If you purchase the course before the start date you will have access for at least 12 months from the course start date.