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It’s been one week since schools closed in the UK and one week since strict social distancing has been enforced.

There is nothing we can do about this situation. It’s out of our hands. The advice that we’re being asked to stick to is important and will help to save lives. To ensure our health service isn’t overwhelmed with too many people becoming ill and needing hospital treatment at the same time.

This is happening across the country and to similar extents across the world. En-masse our day to day lives have massively changed.

But there are many things that happen, to people and families, every day that completely change their lives. Things that are also out of their hands. Illness, death, accidents, crops failing, droughts, natural disasters, redundancy, a partner walking away from a relationship that the other wants to save. The list goes on. Lives changed for ever due to situations that individuals and families have no control over.

Everyone must endure the consequences of events that are out of their control at various times during their lives. During these times it’s important to honour (by allowing yourself to feel and deal with) the upset, the pain, the grief. But you must always remember to put the focus on what is within your power.

To be thankful. To be kind. To love. To forgive. To learn. To grow. To rest. To heal. To work towards improving your life. To work towards bettering your situation.

If you, and your family, remain well during this difficult time be thankful.

Reach out to loved ones and friends. If you’re in a position to help your family, friends and neighbours either with practical tasks or by offering support or a friendly call then do so.

Be grateful for all the key workers and volunteers who are supporting the ill and vulnerable and ensuring everyone has food and that education continues.

Forgive old grievances, forgive yourself for your mistakes.

Take time to rest and time to accept the situation so that you have the energy to deal with going back to normality when the time comes.

Understand what changes you want to make in your life, spend time planning and creating solid foundations so that when the time comes you can achieve your goals whilst maintaining life balance and without stress.

If you have time spend it learning. Switch off the TV, it will always be there, but when will you have so much time to spend on improving yourself and your life as now? Learn new skills or start working towards goals. With access to the internet and time, the possibilities are endless. Choose to learn skills that will help improve your life and that of your family or that get you closer to your goal.

Make plans for the future. If you don’t do this now, when life returns to normal, and it will, you will have wasted this time and you will wish that you were in a stronger position to move towards your goals.

If your current situation looks bleak because of circumstances that are out of your hands then take control of the things you can. Choose positive action where you can. Choose to be kind at all times. Adopting a negative attitude isn’t going to make things better.

Trust me on this. This isn’t just idle words, I’ve completely changed my life during times of personal adversity and you can do the same.

Lorna x

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