How a minimalist lifestyle will change your life
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What  a minimalist lifestyle is NOT

Minimalism is not about deprivation, misery or will power. It’s about reducing stress and overwhelm whilst creating a life full of joy and abundance.

A minimalist lifestyle is not about


  • living with only a handful of possessions
  • taking a vow of poverty.
  • an art movement or a style of home decor
  • a style of dressing or the make-up you wear (or don’t).
  • changing yourself, your dreams and goals to fit into a stereotype
  • feeling superior to others

A Minimalist Lifestyle Is


A minimalist lifestyle is a way of living that focuses on the things you love. The people, you passions, your dreams and goals.

It makes these the priority in your life and removes, as much as possible, anything that doesn’t aid or support you in living your life in this way.

Crafting a life in this way enables you to create financial abundance (so that you can love your life whilst removing any financial stress) and time abundance (so that you can actually do the things that make you happy). A minimalist lifestyle ensures that you create, and keep, a balanced life and allows you to do so without stress or overwhelm.

What a Minimalist Lifestyle Would Look Like For You

No too minimalist lifestyles are the same but the principles can be applied universally. 

I am not going to tell you that you need to only have 33 items in your wardrobe or that you have to live on a shoestring. 

I am not going to tell you what you can and can’t spend your money on or how you choose to earn your money. 

A minimalist lifestyle is about so much more than decluttering the crap that fills your kitchen drawers. 

I  provide a framework for you to apply to ALL areas of your life allowing you to take back control, set boundaries and regain a sense of tranquillity. Giving you the power, space and time for creativity, productivity, fun and adventure. Enabling you to forge a new path forwards and thrive in a positive future full of abundance. 

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