PLUS detailed advice and follow up emails

Improve your website with expert advice

Thorough review of website pages and blog posts (max 20)

Detailed, specific advice on how to improve each page/ post

Suggestions for how to get the most out of your website

3 in-depth follow up emails to answer any further questions you have and review any changes made to your site

SEO & keyword tips

I personally undertake all website reviews and follow ups

I have been helping businesses improve and optimise their websites for over 20 years.

You need a website review if you ….

  • are not getting the results you want or expect from your website (sales/ leads/ interaction/ hits)
  • need honest feedback about your website – how easy it is to use & navigate, it’s appearance and readability
  • need guidance about how to write content for both users and search engines 
  • need to improve your on-page SEO (search engine optimisation)
  • want a website that supports your business and contributes to it’s success
  • need your website to give you / your business expert status 
  • want to build trust with your audience
  • want to turn potential buyers into loyal customers




Claire Norcliffe, Overland Campers

Wavehunters Ltd

Mesmear Farm and Holiday Cottages

How It Works

You start by completing a simple questionnaire so that I can understand how you need your website to work for you. If needed I will ask follow up questions by email so that I’m very clear on what you need from your site before I start the review.  

I will review up to 20 website pages (including blog posts and product pages) in detail. If your site has more than 20 pages you can select the 20 pages/ posts that you’d like reviewing. 

You will receive a full report on how you can improve your website design, text content and images to make it work better for you. 

The report will be clear and concise but provide practical, easy to follow, advice on what you should change, add or delete. This will include suggestions for specific wording and design amendments. 

Once you’ve had chance to read the report I will ask you to send one email with any questions you have regarding the report. I will respond in full to your email.

When you have made website amendments you are invited to re-submit the website to me for a further review. This review will highlight any areas that should be focused on with suggestions for changes needed. 

If needed, I will be happy to review the website for a third and final time (within a 3 month time period from the date of the first review). 

This extensive service costs £97 (also available in US $ or AUS $). 


My Experience

Successful Business

I started Swell Pixel (web design, hosting and digital marketing) over 10 years ago and it’s still going strong.

Training Courses

I’ve led web training sessions for nationwide organisations and provided consultation services to GTAs (Group Training Associations)

Web Consultancy

I’ve been providing website consultancy for 10+ years

Advice and Guidance

I’ve provided hundreds of new and growing businesses with advice, guidance and mentoring

I have been building websites for over 10 years and run a successful, well established web company, Swell Pixel. Before starting Swell Pixel I honed my skills through content management and end-user testing roles working on large websites for nationwide companies and education facilities. 

I have worked with hundreds of start-up and small businesses helping them achieve great results from their websites even when they are on shoe-string budgets.

I specialise in teaching businesses how to make their website work for them and helping to turn around struggling businesses and kick-start newbies. I also provide content and design advice throughout the UK to businesses and organisations of all sizes including seminars for the senior management panels of Group Training Associations (GTAs). 

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