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Celebrating our history and leaving a legacy
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Lessons From Women’s History

Coaches and mentors that specialise in helping women change their life, especially when dealing with creating wealth, are quick to point out how oppressive history has been to women. They are right of course. It is not until astonishingly recently that women have been allowed any financial power.

It was not until 1928 that women finally achieved the same voting rights as men in the UK.

Although The Married Women’ s Property Act of 1882 gave women of the right to keep their own property and hold money of their own, as late as the 1970s working women were refused mortgages in their own right because few were employed continuously. They were only granted mortgages if they could secure the signature of a male guarantor.

It was less than 50 years ago, in 1973, that women were first allowed to join the London Stock Exchange and not until 1982 that women were finally allowed to spend their money in English pubs without being refused service.

It is not without reason that women, much more so than men, have a poverty mindset when it comes to wealth. Even if you were born into more enlightened times you will very likely have no precedent for creating, growing or taking care of wealth because even your recent female family members would not have had the opportunity. 

What stories in your local community, family history and in your life up to now have shaped you into a person who is unable to create the life you want? Is it that you’ve been brainwashed into believing money is bad (root of all evil)? That men have always taken care of the money? That people with money aren’t likeable? That your family, school, university or local town praises men for the same thing that they deride women for? That certain activities/ jobs/ hobbies were only ‘for the boys’?

This isn’t just about financial abundance. When you examine this further you’ll see that this mindset that has shaped your attitude to money will have also shaped your attitude to time abundance.

Women have long been taught that they should put everyone else before themselves, that they should be the ones to sacrifice for their children, that men go out to socialise (hobbies/ pub etc) but that a woman’s place is ‘in the home.’ These may seem like old fashion values now, and even though (in the UK) the laws have changed to bring more (but not total) equality, these views are still very deeply engrained in society. For example, many employers (and even many fathers) still expect that it is the mother who will stay home from work if a child is sick. Even within homes inequality still thrives. There are many surveys that show that even if both partners work it is the woman who will do most household chores therefore sacrificing her free time to serve others.

Focusing On The Positive Past to Create Your Positive Future

However, if we focus on purely the negative side of women’s history (including present injustices) there is a danger that we began to see women, and therefore ourselves, as only victims and by defining ourselves this way we do women/ ourselves a huge mis-service. Not only can we mis-judge our collective history this way but it makes it even harder to create a different future as we have no role models in whose footsteps we can follow.

In order to create an abundant life we need to acknowledge the oppression but at the same time step away from being a victim to allow ourselves to build a new future and to create a different legacy for future generations. By focusing on the powerful woman who succeeded in achieving great things it provides a framework of strength and success. It shows us what each one of us is capable of and how possible it is to change our own lives and to leave a positive legacy for future generations. 

Find yourself role models, both from history and the present day. Celebrate their achievements and acknowledge the societal background that they were active in. If you’re struggling to see past the negativity surrounding women’s history then spend time googling, head to the library or ask your family members.

Educate yourself about women from different eras, from different parts of the world, from times of peace and war, women who were leaders, poets, philanthropists, politicians, law makers, spies, heroes and everyday women from your family or your community who did bold, brave things and who made a difference to their own life, the lives of their family and to wider society. Remember that all people, from history or present day, are all products of their time. They will not be flawless, they will not be perfect – understanding this, acknowledging their failings and shortcomings as well as their achievements, will help you to create greatness (however you define that) in your life, without getting stalled waiting for everything to be perfect.

Create Your Legacy

What legacy would you like to leave? Is it to improve your own life? Change your family’s situation? Create positive change in your community or even globally? Do you want to empower others? Do you want to be an inspiration? Do you want to go on adventures? Do you want to help save habitats or clean up the planet? Do you want to change the law? Do you want to improve healthcare or education?

Do you want to do all of the above and more? 

It’s very difficult to be able to do any of those things without first creating abundance in your own life. Creating time and money is the first step to being able to dedicate yourself to building a legacy. 

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