The Power Of Three

The Power Of Three

When you want to change your life in anyway, whether that is to fulfil a long held goal or to improve your circumstances, it can seem daunting and overwhelming.

Many people to give up before even getting started and many, many more shortly after because they try to do too much at once.

A simple and practical way to overcome this is to use the power of three.

Doing just three small things each day will bring about big changes in a short time without it ever feeling stressful.

Whenever you’re trying to change or achieve something it’s important to ensure you don’t lose yourself in it.

It shouldn’t become all encompassing and you should never sacrifice other areas of your life for it. This only leads to more stress; guilt that you aren’t showing up in other areas of your life, exhaustion and eventually burn out.

If this happens you are then left with two choices either start again with a determination that you’re going to grit your teeth and get through it come hell or high water (which rarely works), or you resign your goals to become ‘what ifs’ and regrets. Worse still you feel a failure. Even if you do succeed then at what cost?

In order to ensure you don’t lose balance and become absorbed in achieving your goal, as well as writing down three actions each day also record three fun things you’ve done and three self care actions.

If you don’t normally take time for self care or fun then start now. It’s important to make the most of each day. By creating a balance and learning to find joy in each day your journey will become much easier and your life will start to improve instantly.

Complete this worksheet everyday to ensure you stay on track but don’t lose balance.

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