Success Journal

Success Journal 

I’m not the type of person who spends hours writing in, and creating, amazing journals detailing all my thoughts and feelings.

Don’t get me wrong I’d love to have the time, and the creativity, to do that. But it’s just not one of my main priorities. 

For me, writing a journal needs to serve a purpose, and quickly. I’m going to share with you the journal I use to do this. 


This journal …. 

  • takes just a couple of minutes twice a day to complete
  • focuses on the important things in life
  • it will keep you focused, motivated, positive and balanced
  • will help you reach your goals faster
  • celebrates your successes
  • is simple and practical

This journal is not …

  • a to do list 
  • a business or daily planner (if that’s what you’re looking for try here >>) 
  • a space for the intricate, in depth details of your day or thoughts
  • magic – you have to actually do the work to make changes/ achieve your goals, but it will help you!

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