Structured support to help you achieve your goals faster, remove overwhelm, reduce procrastination and create a life you deserve

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12 Weeks of 1:1 Life and/or Business Consultancy 

Want to change your life but need structured support and a proper plan?

Need help getting your business off the ground or taking it to the next level?

Know what you want to achieve but not got a clue how to make it happen?

Do you know what you should be doing but need a kick up the arse to actually do it?

What You Get

Structured support that will help you achieve your goals faster, remove overwhelm, reduce procrastination and provide solid support.

A bespoke plan 

Practical, easy to follow advice 

Weekly video calls 

Honest, trustworthy opinions 

Daily email support 


How It Works

We start by discussing your current situation as well as your life and/ or business goals in depth.

I will offer my opinions and suggestions based on my expertise and experience. I will create you a plan (with as much input from yourself as you wish) that will enable you to achieve your goals. 

Each week we will have a video call, it will usually last about an hour but if it needs to go over that’s fine. The call will focus on any areas needed, allowing us to discuss and deal with pressing issues.

As well as the weekly calls I’ll also be available daily, by email, to provide support and encouragement, answer any questions you have, discuss and help find solutions to any problems you’re dealing with, provide accountability and celebrate your results.

I provide daily support as I know, from my own experience using mentors and coaches, that a week can be a long time. If you become ‘stuck’ you can waste valuable time waiting to be given advice or you can become distracted by shiny objects without the help of someone to keep you focused! 

I’m there as a support via email whenever you need and I will respond to your emails at least once a day. There is no obligation for you to contact me every day but if I haven’t heard from you I will drop you an encouraging email so that you know I’m there if you need me. 

At the end of 12 weeks we will discuss the progress you’ve made and you will be given the option to continue. Regardless of whether you choose to continue 1:1 consultancy you will be welcome in the group calls and I’d love to stay in touch and watch you thrive. 



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Let Me Explain

So the first question you are probably pondering is WTF is life and/ or business consultancy? 

Let me explain….

This story starts after I’d solved the problem of being flat broke and getting through each month had become less of a struggle.

By this stage I was making ends meet, I was running my own business only working school hours (about 25 each week) but the money coming in was a steady trickle rather than a flood. Andrew was still working 40 hours a week. We hadn’t yet moved to Cornwall. 

Although we were no longer worried about financially surviving each month and could afford to go on holiday we had to very carefully and strictly budget. 

I wanted to earn more money. But it was never about the money.

It was always about time and experiences. I’m not interested in fancy clothes or cars but I wanted us to be able to spend more time together, as a family. I wanted to earn more so Andrew could work less. So we had lots of family time, so we could have fun. So we could go on adventures. So we could move to our dream location.

I knew where I wanted to be but had no clue how to get there. I read, researched, scoured the internet. I tried working with a business mentor and at a separate time a life coach.

I didn’t want someone to ‘help me discover’ how to help myself. I didn’t want to go on ‘a journey’ or be ‘guided to find the answers for myself’ I certainly didn’t want someone telling me to ‘be more realistic.’

I just needed a bloody instruction manual.  Someone who would listen and actually offer practical advice or a different perspective. Someone who would help me solve problems. Someone who was on my side and wanted me to succeed. Someone who was an asset and worth every penny. 

Not someone who was desperately trying to get their own shit together, Not someone who just wanted my £££s every month. Not someone who just gave me vague waffle.

I needed actual help from someone who had actual experience. Not someone who had just read about a theory in a book or taken a course. I needed someone who had been there and done it.

Sadly I never found anyone, at least no one I could afford, so I knuckled down and figured it out myself.

That’s why I say ‘consultant’ rather than coach or mentor.

My experience hasn’t been gained through courses and text books. My experience, that I’m offering you, has been gained through actual experience.

Through running a successful business for over 10 years and still going strong (including through a recession and now a pandemic), through changing my life so that I work 15 hours a week, through being able to have half my husband’s working hours to 20 per week, through travelling extensively (after selling everything we owned), through having moved to our dream location and through living a life I love.

I want to share my knowledge and experience with you. With everyone. I want the power to improve to be accessible to everyone. That’s why if you’re not in a position to afford 1:1 consultancy, or you want to try before you buy, I offer free weekly group consultancy. That’s why I provide free guides.

I don’t want you to be sat at home struggling to change your life. I’m here to help you. 

I Here For You…

This is a service for you. You have my experience, advice and honest opinions at your disposal.

This can include, but is not limited to, the following:


Personal Goal Setting

Goal Action Plans
(so you know what you need to be doing when)

Problem Solving

Time Management

Website Advice


Business Goal Setting

Business Plans
(so that you AND everyone else understands the plan)

Mindset Work

Reducing Overwhelm

Hosting Advice

Preventing Procrastination


Providing Accountability
(so you actually do the things you need to!)


Idea feedback

Content Creation Advice

Life Balance

My Experience

Successful Business

I started Swell Pixel (web design, hosting and digital marketing) over 10 years ago and it’s still going strong.

Training Courses

I’ve led training sessions for nationwide organisations and provided consultation services to GTAs (Group Training Associations)


I’ve undertaken volunteer work with major conservation charities and I’m currently RNLI volunteer lifeboat press officer for my local station

Advice and Guidance

I’ve provided hundreds of new and growing businesses with advice, guidance and mentoring

Extensive Travel

We sold our home, bought a motorhome and spent months travelling around Scandinavia

Gap Year

We took a gap year and moved to a beautiful cottage in the Scottish Borders surrounded by wildlife

Halved Work Hours

Havled both my own & my husband’s working hours. Now I work 15 hours a week. More time for cream teas!


In 2017 we moved to our dream location on the north coast of Cornwall


I created a productive smallholding from a few acres of neglected land 


I spent 4 weeks living in a tent on an archaeological dig. I found this pot which is now in a museum!


Completed a degree in archaeology, for no reason other than it was fun.

Been Published

I’ve had work published in both print and online media, including a series of articles in a travel magazine

My Life


I’m very much a wildlife geek so I love going on bat walks, trying to spot dolphins, bird watching and generally being in peaceful surroundings reconnecting with nature


So…. I hate fishing. It’s stinky, slimey and apparently takes all day BUT I’m glad the boy can do his hobby and it means I get to go walking in peace!


As a family we focus on doing things we love including lots of micro-adventures and experiences. 

Beach Life

We go to the beach at least three times a week and even went in the sea on Christmas day. I don’t surf because I have no co-ordination but I love bodyboarding. 

What You Need To Know About Me


Everything I’ve done …

  • I’ve built a successful business from scratch that has been going strong for over 10 years (and also have a couple of passive income side hustles, one of which has been generating income since 2008 and in 2020 started Forge and Thrive which is already, ahem, thriving)
  • Prior to becoming my own boss I worked in senior admin and managerial positions. I know how to organise and I’m the queen on creating lists.
  • I’ve led training sessions for nationwide organisations and provided consultation services to GTAs (Group Training Associations)
  • I’ve provided hundreds of new and growing businesses with advice, guidance and mentoring
  • I’ve paid off thousands of pounds of debt
  • As a family we’ve forged a life for ourselves that we love filled with time for hobbies, cake and fun.
  • We’ve travelled, holidayed and relocated to our dream area.
  • We’ve created a smallholding and kitchen garden from scratch.
  • We’ve created a life filled with possibilities and opportunities for our son (without him becoming spoiled or arrogant)
  • I believe that everyone should have the opportunities and tools to improve their life and fulfil their goals

What I am not

  • I’m not magic. I can’t provide magic solutions to all your problems. I can only provide practical advice to change your life one step at a time. 
  • I’m not special. Well, at least I’m no more special than anyone else in the world. If I can create a life I love, so can you. 
  • I’m not hardworking. In fact the whole reason I work for myself, the very reason I set up my own business and multiple income streams is so I could work LESS. If you’re a workaholic I’m probably not the consultant for you. 
  • I’m not a millionaire (yet) but I lead the life I want to lead, doing the things I want to do and having fun.
  • I’m not materialistic. I don’t like fancy food, cars or handbags. I don’t like fancy holidays. My house is not clean. I like to be outside, preferably with the sea in view, in comfy clothes
  • I don’t wear make-up and my hair is usually scrapped up into what I like to think of as a messy bun… the teenager argues that it’s modelled on Miss Trunchbull
  • I’m not all-knowing – there may be questions you ask me that I can’t answer but you can be assured that I’ll do my research and get back to you as soon as I can. 
  • Despite my working life revolving around technology I don’t actually like gadgets or tech that much. I certainly don’t get excited by new phones, ipads or speakers. They are purely a tool that makes it possible for me to lead the life I want. Which is outside, in nature, by the sea. 

Very Importantly ….

I am not a doctor – I can sympathise with any health issues you have but I can’t offer advice on treatment or medication. Please see a doctor, consultant or other medical professional.
I am not a solicitor or lawyer – if you need advice about anything legal then you need to speak to a qualified professional.
I am not an accountant or financial adviser – if you need specific advice abut your finances, investments or tax returns you need to speak to a qualified person. 
I am not a debt councillor – There are charity and not-for-profit organisations you can speak to if you are struggling financially. If you are in financial hardship please seek help as there may be more options available to you than you are aware of.  
I am not a therapist or councillor – if you are struggling with your mental health, have marital or relationship problems, are suffering any form of abuse (including, but not limited to, substance abuse, alcohol abuse, physical or sexual abuse) please, please contact a trained specialist who will be able to help you. 

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