What living abundantly really means
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What is Abundance

An extremely plentiful or over sufficient quantity or supply

This definition isn’t quite true when we think of an abundant life.

In order to have an abundant life there needs to be balance otherwise the result is stress, overwhelm and misery.

If you have an abundance of wealth but to get that you work long hours, have no time for holidays, barely get to see your family, your social life is non-existent and you’re exhausted and stressed then that is not an abundant life. 

Likewise if you’ve been made redundant, or you have little or no work, you may have an abundance of free time but no money to spend on the things your love to do or the adventures you want to have. You could be stressed, overwhelmed and deeply unhappy. In cases like this time abundance is not positive.

An abundant lifestyle should be characterised by having both financial and time abundance. Financial abundance so that you aren’t worried or stressed about bills and so that you feel financially secure whilst at the same time whilst having an abundance of time to spend with the people you love, do the things you love and achieve your goals and dreams. 

What Abundance Looks Like For You

Abundance is not the same for everyone. It’s not a one size fits all concept.

Only you can decide what an abundant lifestyle looks and feels like for you. The version of abundance that you create for yourself will change over time depending on what is going on in your life and the progress you make in achieving your goals.

You might already think you know what your ‘big goal’ looks like. Perhaps that you’d like to work less hours or start a successful business,  live in a different area, wear different clothes and holiday in exotic locations. Even though you know where you want to get to at the moment it might seem like you’re a million miles away from that lifestyle. Or you might not be able to see the final destination because you’re so consumed with making your life just a bit easier.

I can guarantee that no matter what you think your final version of abundance will look like, it will change as you reach it and step in to living it.

That’s not to say you won’t love it – you will. But by doing so you’ll find more goals you want to achieve, different ways in which you want to be abundant and different adventures you want to experience.

For me, to begin with, I wanted to be able to get through the month with worrying whether the bills could be paid. When this happened it was amazing and I truly felt very abundant. The stress was gone, I was more ‘present’ when spending time with my family. Life was good and I was happy.

My vision of abundance then changed and grew over time. As I started living my vision of abundance I then started working towards the next level of abundance, without giving up (or being any less grateful for) the abundance I had already achieved.

I achieved each version of abundance by following the EXACT same steps as the first time. It didn’t become harder or more complicated. In fact it became easier – the more you practice something the better (and quicker) at it you become.

Spend some time thinking what would make your life feel abundant? If believing you can have your big dream life seems too much then start with something tiny. 


What Abundance Looks Like In My Life

In a relatively short space of time I was able to achieve all of my goals, and of course there are others I’m now working towards.


  • I built a successful web and hosting company that I now run with my husband
  • I started Forge and Thrive in 2020
  • I also run an affiliate website as a hobby that makes money
  • I work 15 hours a week (husband works 20 hours…I’m not making him work long hours to keep me!)


  • I live in my dream location on the north coast of Cornwall
  • I love my home. It’s a cosy house with a cottage feel. Its warm and safe and in a lovely village, with the coast path just a two minute walk from my front door.
  • One of my next goals is to move to a house with a south facing garden. The financial aspect of moving is less of a challenge than actually finding a house in the location we want – ideally we wouldn’t leave our little village because it’s so idyllic. There are plenty of ‘perfect’ houses but none in the right location!

Free Time

  • I usually finish work at 12 noon and have the rest of the day as free time.
  • When not in lockdown I spend the afternoons (before school finishes) walking the coastal paths, going out for lunch to cafes and restaurants with amazing views, going to the beach, kayaking. I get about 3 hours to do anything I like. After school is more of the same but because I’ve already had a few hours to spend doing my own thing I generally let my son choose what happens after school.
  • Weekends are spent full of hobbies, the beach, day trips, BBQs and eating out. We very rarely eat at home at weekends.
  • Since moving to Cornwall holidays are a bit strange – we all love where we live so much we don’t want to leave but we spend a lot of time exploring Cornwall and Devon. It’s nice to know that, financially speaking, we could go on holiday anytime we choose.


  • I volunteer my time, in an admin role, for a local branch of a life saving charity
  • I support children’s education in Kenya
  • I’m able to support local food poverty charities


I’m not interested in designer clothes or handbags or an expensive car. That’s not saying those things are bad but they’re just not me. If that’s what would make you feel abundant that’s great!

  • If there’s something that I feel would improve my life then I’m able to buy it without worrying – to me this is a huge feeling of abundance
  • I go to see an osteopath (who also does acupuncture) at least once a month to keep any niggles at bay
  • I like to get my nails done a couple of times a month and I know I can have my hair done whenever I like (but most of the time don’t want to sit still for a few hours!) 

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